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We Want Change!

Defeat Failed President Obama 2012

Obama Antiseptic

Anti Obama Facts: Obama A Failed President

Obama said he would bring us hope and change

On every kind of change,

Things are worse now than when he began his presidency. Look at his record.

Defeat Obama 2012

He brought us change:

The Worst President Ever

His executive orders have trampled on our constitutional rights.

His choice to selectively not enforce immigration laws tramples on the law

By the end of his term the national debt will be doubled.

In 2008 Federal food stamp expense was 40 Billion; In May of 2012 it was 89 Billion.

The dollar is worth less.

47 Million people are now on food stamps. In 2008 it was 28 Million people.

Food prices are up.

The number of people paying taxes is the lowest in the modern era.

Household net worth has decreased by 40% in the last 3 years.

Home ownership is down to what it was 50 years ago.

Gasoline is up, heading over $4.00 a gallon.

We have a weaker foreign policy.

Obama appeases our enemies and alienates our friends.

Obama's diplomacy is letting Iran make the bomb.

We have more expensive health care.

According, ObamaCare made workers pay an average of $132 more for family coverage just this year.

Anti Obama Facts: Obama Is A Failed President

We have greater unemployment.

Obama does not know the art of working with Congress.

Obama has made government less transparent and more coercive and intrusive.

Obama chooses to divide America and not unite America.

Obama is a lazy president, 18 vacations in less than 4 years!

Obama has already done over 150 fund raisers, more than the previous 6 presidents combined.

Obama thinks ideologically and not intelligently.

Obama speaks smooth

It is no longer hope and change: it is hype and blame.

Obama is a radical socialist disguised as a Democrat.

He hides behind the facade of a Democrat.

His speeches are filled with lies.

He abuses the law and the constitution.

He is a lying arrogant narcissist.

He thinks he is above the law.

He is coercive and manipulative.

He and his administration are corrupt.

He is trying to destroy our constitution.

As a politician he has failed America.

Obama is not for America and American values.

Obama is the worst president in American history.

Obama is a failed president!

Obama is Empty

How in the world can we trust him?

How Can We Trust Obama?
Beat Obama Now